Physician led. Patient centered. family focused.

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Specialty Hospital
Nexus Specialty Hospital
Shenandoah Campus


Stabilizing ICU and Medically Complex Patients

  • 6 bed intensive care unit
  • Telemetry beds for constant monitoring of a cardiac status.
  • 97% ventilator wean rate – experienced board-certified pulmonologists work in coordination with highly skilled respiratory therapists.
  • Clinical modalities to improve cognition, communication, mood and physical rehabilitation.







Specialty Hospital Woodlands Campus
Nexus Specialty Hospital
Woodlands Campus


Rehabilitating Medically Complex Patients While Reintroducing Life Skills

  • Rehabilitation focused model.
  • Programs to help maximize potentials for independence, productivity, self-actualization.
  • Treatment team led by nationally recognized physicians with specialties in neurology and psychiatry; Neuro-Integrative Functional Rehabilitation And Habilitation (NEURO-IFRAH®) trained PT, OT, SP
  • Life Care


Touchstone Neurorecovery Center
Touchstone Neurorecovery
Conroe Campus


Preparing Patients for Life
Building Independence through Therapy and Life Skills Teachings

  • A home-like rehabilitation environment for non-medically complex patients recovering from any kind of neurological diagnosis.
  • Nationally recognized programs designed to build independence via life-skill teachings.
  • Physician led multi-disciplinary team works together to provide patient best-individualized outcomes.
  • On campus Vocational Rehabilitation with transition to community employment
  • Respite and Life Care

About the Neuro Continuum

Physician led. Patient centered. Family focused.

The NeuroContinuum serves as a rehabilitative path for those patients recovering from a traumatic brain injury. From ICU level of care to teaching life skills in a home-like environment, we provide neurological rehabilitation to better the quality of life of each individual.









Meet Our Staff

Tony Bonilla

CEO, HealthBridge Children's Hospital

Nexus NeuroContinuum

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