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The NeuroContinuum serves as a rehabilitative path for those patients recovering from a traumatic brain injury. From ICU level of care to teaching life skills in a home-like environment, we provide neurological rehabilitation to better the quality of life of each individual.


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Shenandoah Specialty Hospital - NeuroContinuum

When a traumatic brain injury or severe illness occurs, the focus is on immediate medical treatment. Sometimes, after the initial hospitalization, longer-term care is required. Nexus Specialty Hospital in Shenandoah provides medical and rehabilitative care for adults with medically complex needs resulting from acute illness, or the exacerbation of chronic disease processes or injury.


Our Neurospecialty Program is a unique program within our Specialty Hospital that offers a comprehensive interdisciplinary treatment approach for individuals with acquired brain injuries and other neurological conditions. Services are individualized according to the nature of the patient's initial injury and current medical and rehabilitative needs. Nationally recognized physicians lead the treatment team, with specialties in neurology, psychiatry and critical care.


The program also works in conjunction with the other programs at Nexus Specialty Hospital to address all areas of need for the patient. Clinical modalities performed by physical, occupational, speech, and neuropsychology services may include individual and/or group sessions to improve cognition, communication, mood and physical rehabilitation. Weekly treatment plans are developed by the physician-led treatment team to ensure all individual goals are incorporated into the medical management and rehabilitation of the patient. The Neurospecialty Program is also a part of the Nexus Health Systems NeuroContinuum that offers a complete spectrum of neurospecialty services for patients with neurological injuries.


Nexus believes that each person has a unique potential and worth that goes beyond disability and disease. We are dedicated to helping patients achieve their greatest level of independence and enhance their quality of life.


The Shenandoah Specialty Hospital Campus is Right for You If:

  • You need an ICU or step-down ICU type of setting

  • You require ventilator support, a high amount of oxygen, frequent suctioning, or nebulizer treatments.

  • You require multiple IV drips

  • You require continuous telemetry monitoring

  • You require debridement of a complex wound.


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Treatment focuses on:

  • Early Mobilization

  • Spasticity Management

  • Functional living skills training

  • Neurocognitive therapy

  • Psychosocial and behavioral therapy


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