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The NeuroContinuum serves as a rehabilitative path for those patients recovering from a traumatic brain injury. From ICU level of care to teaching life skills in a home-like environment, we provide neurological rehabilitation to better the quality of life of each individual.


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Nexus Specialty Hospital - The Woodlands Campus

The Woodlands Campus of the Nexus NeuroContinuum is a 21 bed campus that provides a more focused program for patients with acquired brain injuries once more acute medical complications have stabilized.   Each patient has an individualized treatment plan developed according to his/her medical complexities. Our program is led by a neurologist and is family centered with our interdisciplinary team consisting of physicians, nursing, case management, occupational therapist, speech pathologist, physical therapist, neuropsychologist, programming coordinator, wound care specialist, dietician, and infection control specialist.


 In a close-knit environment, our team treats patients with neurological impairments within a wide range of acuity with the opportunity to observe small changes that translate into improved independence and functional outcomes. Our demographic includes patients that are minimally conscious and require sensory stimulation to patients with behavioral dysregulation as well as mild to severe cognitive and physical impairments.


 The focus of neurological rehabilitation at the The Woodlands Campus is providing individual therapy as well as therapeutic groups.  Our groups are process designed to incorporate communication, cognition, and physical objectives into programming activities.  Individual therapy is designed to maximize function by addressing assertive individual goals with expectations increased as patients become more medically stable and therapy tolerance increases.


 We recognize that families play a vital role in each patient's recovery process and welcome you to attend family education, support and training sessions.


The Woodlands Campus is Right for You If:

  • Your medical condition is still complex, but you no longer have the need for telemetry monitoring
  • Your pulmonary status is stable.

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Treatment focuses on:

  • Early Mobilization
  • Spasticity Management
  • Functional living skills training
  • Neurocognitive therapy
  • Psychosocial and behavioral therapy


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